WPMU DEV Premium

As I’ve mentioned a few times lately I’m finally starting to use WordPress MU to group together similar websites that are all running WordPress, to make the administration a lot easier for me. To make my job even easier, I … Continued

Snow Leopard == Good So Far

My copy of Snow Leopard arrived today so I installed it straight away and I instantly got 13GB of space back! Not used it much yet to see if I can notice much difference, but I recently upgraded the RAM … Continued

Dempsfest 2009

It’s that time of year again and I’m another year older! What better way to celebrate than having a big party with friends!  Dempsfest!!! We had a bouncy castle again, and plenty of black rat!  Was a bit of mess … Continued

Setting Targets

I’ve decided to set myself some targets with some of my sites for the next few months to try and get a few things done.  I wonder how many I’ll actually complete? Free Cartoon Wallpaper – Actually post some more … Continued

The Jar of Life

I saw this and just really liked it so thought I’d share… A professor stood before his philosophy class and had some items in front of him. When the class began, wordlessly, he picked up a very large and empty … Continued

Ultimate List of Chrome Extensions

I was looking for some extensions for Google Chrome and couldn’t find many all in one place so thought I’d keep track of all of the extensions I could find here. If I’ve missed any then let me know! AniWeather … Continued

FileMaker Developers on Twitter

This is planning to be the biggest list of FileMaker Developers that can be found on Twitter. I’m there on @AdamDempsey I will update this list all the time.  If I’ve missed anyone you think should be here, then let … Continued

Finally Using Twitter

For a while now I’ve been using Twitter (@AdamDempsey) and have just started adding it to a few of my websites and plan on adding it to more of them soon! @FileMaker Plugin – Find out when your favourite FileMaker … Continued